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My name is Bujiang

I'm an adaptive, goal oriented, passionate and optimistic person.

I like listening to music, playing Go and Rubik’s cube.

I like cool electronic gadgets

I graduated from the National University of Singapore and Temasek Polytechnic, studied Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

I am a former employee of the R&D department of ZiiLABS.

Project experience:



Hardware experience:

1kW DC-DC buck converter design and fabrication

AES 128 bits decryption device design (VHDL) and implement in FPGA

Intel 80188 compatible processor design (VHDL) and implement in FPGA

Tablet and Android platform design (circuit schematic drawing and PCB layout)

Software experience:

Instagram like mobile application (Apple iOS platform)

Multithreading web crawler (C Socket)

Online sales system (Server backend, database and security function portion)

OpenFlow based data center dynamic load balancer

Small applications on Raspberry Pi and Arduino

To-Do List manager (Natural Language Process portion)

Yukawa Operation System (Creator, under development)

Skills and Knowledge:

C, Vim, Python, Git, Django, POX, Altium Designer, PADS, AutoCAD, VHDL,

Cisco IOS, C#, Java, Swift, Objective-C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery,

Ruby on Rails, Audio Precision, Spectrum Analyzer, SQC, SPC

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